The Rocking Monsters are a unique series of outstanding wooden rocking toys for little kids to get endless fun. 

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Being parents ourselves, we have created toys for our children as well. That's why the quality was our highest priority. We conducted extensive testing improving them because we believe that every child deserves to be happy and healthy. 


Smooth surface

Being parents ourselves, we have created toys for our children as well. That's why the quality was our highest priority. 

Rounded corners

Every corner is rounded, and all surfaces are sanded, polished, and coated to be impeccably smooth. No scrapes or splinters - guaranteed!

Limited to 22 degrees

We’ve designed our rockers to create a perfectly balanced rocking rhythm that maximizes the amplitude of swinging without falling over.


Perfect height is 3 ft

Rocking Monsters designed for children about 3-4 ft tall, but its can be enjoyed by any child as long as it’s comfortable for them to sit in.

Comfortable handles

After rigorous testing, we’ve determined the optimal position for handles, saddle, and skis in order for your child to have the most comfortable ride possible.


Food grade mineral oil

We’ve built Rocking Monsters using only environmentally friendly products. They are constructed out of solid birch plywood, food-grade mineral oil, and acrylic paints. 

Certified matherials

We strongly care about kids, so we have designed our product with the best quality materials and the highest safety standards.

Easy to Assemble

Rocking Monster's kit includes 6-8 construction elements, fasteners, tools, and a step-by-step user guide. This means that anybody can assemble it on their own in just 5 minutes. Therefore you don't need to waste your time and money looking for extra help or equipment.


Tested with adult

Rocking Monsters have been thoroughly tested by kids and adults. Steel fasteners and birch plywood guarantee solid construction built for endless riding for many years.

Seriously, we ourselves ride on them

Our Rocking Monsters are so strong that even the wildest riders have nothing to fear!


As we are environmentally conscious, we have looked for the best and safest components. This is why we do not use any plastic, chemicals or other harmful materials. The toy is completely environmentally friendly, so it's easy to recycle if you don't need it anymore. We do our best to ensure that children grow up in a clean environment.